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Come join our flying club. We have a staff CFI that can teach you to fly. We have  a two place Trike that belongs to the club. We also have a Sky Ranger LSA airplane.
If you own your aircraft, we can give you instruction in your plane. What ever you need we can help.
We work out of the Augusta, Waterville and Fairfield area. Our instructor will travel as needed.

Now This is Fun

Get help with your project.

We can take a project from scratch to finish or just help you complete your unfinished airplane or trike.

We have access to a Dar and can help you through the paperwork to get your aircraft n-numbered and an airworthyness certificate issued.

We have cad service to help you get it just right before you start cutting or welding.

We have machining and welding service to get you started or complete a part.

Licensed engineer on staff.

Special rates on all services for club members.

Ground Instruction and ground school materials available. Hands on learning with the help of a certified flight instructor.